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Working at Transcom
Transcom is a global customer experience specialist, providing customer care, sales, technical support and credit management services through our extensive network of contact centers and work-at-home agents.

We are 26,000 customer experience specialists at 50 contact centers across 22 countries, delivering services in 33 languages to international brands in various industry verticals.

Our key positions
Smarter People Experiences
Transcom is a true global leader in customer experience. Every day, our 26,000 customer experience specialists handle more than 1.5 million interactions with our clients’ customers in 33 languages all over the world.

Every hour, we rely on knowledgeable, motivated people to deliver great customer experience, in any customer situation and via any channel.

Our people

Zsuzsa Mate

I started to work at Transcom in 2017 as a 1st level agent on a project which provides technical support for the Customers of a delivery company. It was my first experience in the SSC field and I enjoyed it a lot. I had the chance to practice my German and English language skills on a daily basis and improve my IT knowledge too. I feel lucky to be a part of such a supportive team. The members always help me to evolve and I can also count on them.
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Zsuzsa Mate

Senior Team Leader

At the end of the year an opportunity opened up and I’ve decided to apply for the team leader position. The adventure has started in 2018 as TL of the German team. Coordinating a team, evaluating calls, meeting the Client’s expectations, keep improving the team’s performance, providing constructive feedback, real time monitoring and many other things: these are all part of the job. I find it also very important to be a role model who inspires and motivates the team and helps them to reach their goals. 

One of the best things about being part of Transcom’s Family is that I’ve met interesting and friendly people from all over the world. We work together, get to know each other's culture and work in a nice and positive work environment. My next challenge has started in September 2020 when I was promoted as senior team leader on the same project. I’m grateful, because Transcom gives the opportunity to grow within the company and I'm looking forward to the new challenges.

Anikó Füleki

I joined Transcom in 2015 as a Finnish speaking CSR for the US visa service desk. I loved the team and also enjoyed my tasks on this project. Later I had an opportunity to become a Lead CSR and shortly after a Team Leader. I really enjoy working with different people from different cultures and different age groups.
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Anikó Füleki

Team Leader

It became pretty obvious for me right from the beginning that the core values of this community are supporting each other, regardless of the roles and certain hierarchies a corporate system sets for its employees. The family atmosphere, the feeling of belonging somewhere where they appreciate you is the main reason that I love so much in Transcom. During my years as a Team Leader, I got lots and lots of support from our Business Manager, who was always keen to help in accomplishing my ideas and improvements of the U.S. visa service desk project. Cooperating with other projects' Team Leads and the friendships that got sealed while working together are another aspect of camaraderie Transcom can be proud of. And last, but not least, I cannot express how important is to have a strong team full of agile and well-prepared agents; through the years, we got to build up a pretty good team full of unique individuals, who were improved not only by the compulsory training days and the everyday hustle and bustle while taking phone calls, but also by organizing themed days, like scavenger hunt for Thanksgiving Day, for instance. All in all, I love being a Transcom "family member".

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